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Mission, Vision & Values

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The Blue Water Rest Home Mission:

Devoted to Caring.
Together we make a difference.

The Blue Water Rest Home Vision:

That each Resident will enjoy safe, effective, responsive, and continuously
improving care that helps them achieve the highest potential quality of life.

Our Values:

Excellence: To strive for the highest quality every day.
Innovation: To make positive change and be responsive to community needs, utilizing
new technologies where appropriate and available.
Teamwork: To communicate openly and enthusiastically and to work respectfully and
co-operatively with internal and external partners.
Integrity: To be accountable, trustworthy, committed, and fair, abiding daily
by our established ethics and values.
Sustainability: To ensure that all we do adds both service and economic value, both to
the organization and to the community, for the benefit of all
Stewardship: to be mindful of every action we take to protect both the wellbeing of the
natural environment and the longevity of the assets entrusted to our care.

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